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Stormwater Detention Design Tool

Stormwater Detention Design Tool

Contech's Stormwater Detention Design Tool provides engineers unparalleled flexibility in the layout and configuration of underground detention & infiltration systems.

The Stormwater Detention Design Tool provides engineers unparalleled flexibility in the layout and configuration of a detention or infiltration storage system. Our latest release includes options previously unavailable in a free, web-based design tool. Part of the Contech Design Center, this free, online tool fully automates the layout process for stormwater detention and infiltration systems. The tool allows you to design systems using corrugated metal pipe (CMP), ChamberMaxx® plastic chambers, or DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE). You can also create multiple systems for each project while saving all project information for future use.:

  • A 2D/3D design environment with high resolution graphics including BIM model output
  • The ability to import a PDF site plan and design a system to scale over the plan 
  • Provides instant access to customized, project specific drawings 
  • Optimizes design and layout for cost efficiency 
  • Design multiple systems per project and save for future use 
  • Digital collaboration using the new “Project Collaboration” feature.  Share your project easily with anyone through our new project management page. 
  • Storage is calculated in real-time as you design 
  • The most robust customization options in the industry for designs needing:
      • Irregular system shapes
      • Multiple diameters, perforated and solid pipe all in the same system
      • Multiple inlet/outlet/riser options for size and placement
  • Auto dimensioning for the system in real-time, including all riser and outlet locations.  Edit with drag and drop or by clicking on dimensions

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