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Water/Wastewater Projects
UrbanGreen Rainwater Harvesting System Captures and Reuses Stormwater  Read More

Westfield - The Village

Westfield – The Village
Woodland Hills, California - The Village at Westfield Topanga is a mixed-use project designed to be a community destination and gathering place. To meet the LEED requirements and the City of LA LID hierarchy, a series of stormwater quality best management practices were needed. Three UrbanGreen® Rainwater Harvesting Systems were designed to capture and reuse stormwater for irrigation. Each system uses a CDS® hydrodynamic separator to pretreat the captured water prior to entering the cisterns. The pretreated water was then stored in tanks made from DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE).  

InnerFlow Repairs Reinforced Concrete Pipe  Read More

PH3 River Water Intake

PH3 River Water Intake - C5/C6 Blast Furnaces at ArcelorMittal
Cleveland, Ohio - When ArcelorMittal noticed that a 60” diameter reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) was separating at the joints at the PH3 river water intake, they knew an emergency replacement or repair would be necessary. As the best repair solution, a 54" diameter InnerFlow® Pipe Systems, a rehabilitation solution that utilizes a solid, smooth wall high density polyethylene pipe, was slip lined directly into the existing, failing RCP providing a successful repair.

CON/SPAN Replaces Original Structure Destroyed During Flash Flood  Read More

Canyon Street Crossing

Canyon Street Crossing
Hildale, Utah - Tucked away in a scenic corner of Southern Utah, Hildale City offers a comfortable country setting. Unfortunately, in September 2015, that comfort was stolen when a large flash flood washed away two vehicles, claiming the lives of 13 residents. To prevent future occurrences, the City constructed a new bridge at Canyon Street to replace the at grade crossing washed away during the mudslide. The best replacement was a 24' x 10' CON/SPAN® B-Series® Precast Bridge System, 120' in length, and was selected for its geometry, hydraulic capacity, and ability to handle deep cover. 

Continental Carries Pedestrians and Sewer Line Across Creek  Read More

Black Squirrel Creek Crossing at The Farm

Black Squirrel Creek Crossing at The Farm
Colorado Springs, Colorado - During the planning phase of The Farm, a new master planned community in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a pedestrian bridge was included to span Black Squirrel Creek. The structure, which is part of the city trail system, also needed to carry a sewer line. As the best solution, a 183' x 10' Connector®-style Continental® truss structure was selected for its ability to carry both pedestrians and the sewer line. 

CORLIX, ULTRA FLO, and Vortsentry HS Provides Stormwater Management System  Read More

Partial Parallet Taxiway A Relocation

Partial Parallel Taxiway "A" Relocation
Mobile, Alabama - The continued growth of the Mobile Aeroplex necessitated expansion of the airfield to make it compliant with new FAA standards and more operationally efficient. The expansion included the construction of the partial parallel taxiway “A” that added about 3,500 linear feet to the taxiway. Site drainage was a challenge, but a stormwater management system consisting of 20,770 linear feet of 60” diameter CORLIX® aluminum pipe, 13 VortSentry® HS stormwater treatment systems, and 680 LF of 48” ALT2 ULTRA FLO® pipe was utilized as the best solution for this project.

Smooth Cor Selected as Best Stormwater Conveyance Solution  Read More

Mar-Jac Feedmill

Mar-Jac Feedmill
Spruce Pine, Alabama - When Mar-Jac Poultry Alabama LLC planned a major, $35 million expansion and feedmill, a bridge was needed on the site to cross a gorge. Since eighty feet of cover exceeds the allowable limits for traditional bridges, Mar-Jac searched for a different type of solution. In the end, 335 LF of 72- and 84-inch diameter Smooth Cor™ double wall corrugated steel pipe system, with a specialized bedding configuration, was selected for its ability to provide the strength and durability needed to withstand the significant loading this piping would receive.    

Aluminum Box Culvert Replaces Undersized Culvert, Improves Hydraulic Capacity  Read More

Kaiser Hollow Road

Kaiser Hollow Road
Upper Fairfield Township, Pennsylvania - Upper Fairfield Township needed to replace an existing, undersized pipe arch culvert under Kaiser Hollow Road and over Resser Run. A 16'-4" x 5'-11" Aluminum Box Culvert (ALBC), 50' in length, was selected as the best solution to replace the existing culvert. The ALBC was selected for its cost effectiveness as compared to a precast box culvert and for its rapid fabrication, assembly, and installation.

Continental Installed Along Walking Trail in Riverfront District  Read More

Coosa Riverfront District

Coosa Riverfront District
Gadsden, Alabama - In order to encourage traffic and business development in the 12-acre Coosa Riverfront District, the City of Gadsden's latest improvement project includes the addition of walking trails and the installation of a pedestrian bridge along the eastern bank of the river. As the best solution for the pedestrian crossing, a Continental® truss structure was selected for its ability to meet the demands. To achieve the look desired by the City, the bridge consisted of three different sections in two different styles. A 120' x 8.33' Keystone®-style section in the center provided the focal point of the structure, while a 30' x 8.33' and a 60' x 8.33' Connector®-style sections are located on either side.

TerreArch Controls Stormwater Quantity  Read More

Pearl-Knowlton Goodwill

Pearl-Knowlton Goodwill
Strongsville, Ohio - The new Pearl-Knowlton Goodwill site contains a building coupled with a large impervious pavement parking lot. This retail location will accommodate an array of used clothes, household items, and furniture to be collected and resold to the public. Local regulations required the new construction project to implement stormwater quantity controls onsite, and Contech’s Terre Arch solution best fit the needs of the project.

Keystone Utilized for Tiered Channel Wall, Two Continental Structures Provide Pedestrian Overpasses  Read More

Founders Park

Founders Park
Johnson City, Tennessee - The Founders Park project had an urgent goal to combat the severe storm water flooding in historic downtown Johnson City, while also improving the area. The project removed 700 feet of the underground Brush Creek triple barrel box culvert. Installed on the site were two Continental® pedestrian truss bridges and 12,415 sf of Keystone’s Country Manor® wall system for tiered channel walls and seats in the on-site amphitheater. 

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