Engineering your Career

We know that work at Contech is challenging. In a good way. So, from the moment you start and every moment onward, we make sure you're prepared and trained for every challenge you’ll face, and empowered for every opportunity you’ll receive. We value you as a worker and as a person, so we help you pursue personal development, advance your career, and impact the entire company.

Plus, with a team that values both work dedication and personal relationships, the Contech environment fosters human connections. We don't bring energy just to all those challenges and opportunities. We bring it to our relationships, too, creating an environment that's as enjoyable as it is driven.

Our Work

What we do here at Contech takes on many forms — we build bridges, control erosion, design drainage pipe, and make stormwater management products — but it's always about creating solutions. We provide cost-effective site solutions for engineers, contractors, architects, and owners across the country, serving and supporting the land development community in every state.

We take pride in our varied portfolio. It's part of why we're seen as an industry leader. We take pride in the results we create, too, which we get to see in our towns and neighborhoods. So we also do work directly for the community, partnering with nonprofits and volunteering on a regular basis. And we do it all to sustain and protect the environment. The work, in the end, can be almost anything. Each project is challenging in a different way, so work at Contech takes intelligence

Our Team

The Contech team embodies integrity. Just as no engineered solution can function without structural integrity, neither can a team function without individual integrity. We treat each other respectfully, support each other compassionately, and work together however we can, both within our departments and across divisions.

Working from our shared value of integrity, we bring energy, passion, and loyalty to our workplace. The Contech team looks forward to each challenge and rises to meet it collaboratively. We enjoy the diligence and commitment required to complete our work, and we also enjoy the atmosphere of working together, with diverse interests, personalities, and backgrounds.

Our teamwork extends past the workplace. We don't bring energy just to our jobs. We bring it to our relationships, too, creating an environment that's as enjoyable as it is driven, forging friendships beyond our projects. The balance between labor and fun is an essential part of working at Contech. Which helps us be ready for each opportunity...

The Opportunity

Each day bringing new challenges at Contech, we make sure you're prepared for it all. Our dedication to continual improvement and hands-on training gets you ready for the many new experiences and challenges that you'll face. Whether it's learning how to cut pipe, take inventory, or design a bridge, you'll be given the skills you need for the opportunities you'll receive.

Those opportunities aren't limited to day-to-day work. Because of our small-business makeup, each individual has a chance to impact the entire company. Departments are constantly interacting and collaborating, giving you chances for both personal development and career advancement.

Above all, Contech is a place that empowers you. We value you as a worker and as a person, so we always equip you to pursue the opportunities you want. Whether you’re seeking more responsibility or requesting more support, we’ll meet you where you are and put full confidence in you and your abilities. Which can help you discover many rewards...

The Rewards

As an industry leader in engineered solutions, we make a lot of things happen, from retaining walls to water treatment products to sanitary solutions and more. And since those things are visible in the community, we get to take pride in seeing the results on a daily basis.

We also get to enjoy our culture on a daily basis. With a team that values both work dedication and personal relationships, the Contech workplace offers challenges to solve as well chances to connect. The intelligence and motivation of our team is matched by our welcoming attitudes and eagerness to support each other. We want to get things done, but we want to do so in a healthy atmosphere.

We offer employees a comprehensive benefits package:
  • Competitive pay
  • Medical and prescription drug coverage
  • Dental and vision coverage
  • Health savings and flexible spending account
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Life insurance and disability coverage
  • Tuition reimbursement program
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Ongoing Training & Personal Development


We believe employment should be rewarding both at the office and at home. Which goes along with how we serve the world beyond our work...

Our Communities

Extending our skills beyond our client projects, we volunteer and partner with nonprofits across the country. Each year, we celebrate Earth Month by joining with local organizations to build up and beautify our communities. In the past five years, we've completed over 100 projects in roughly 20 locations, donating over 6500 hours of service. Plus, while investing in our communities, we develop camaraderie.

We're a company that creates solutions. We simply seek to do that every way we can, extending our skills and passions beyond our offices.

Learn more about Contech's Earth Month 2016 activities.