Tennessee Local Resources

Steve Bowlds
Sales Engineer
Cell: 615-418-5806
Email: SBowlds@conteches.com

Service Area: Central Tennessee

Justin Gosa
Sales Engineer
1811 Birch Post Cove
Germantown, TN 38138
Phone: 573-380-3994
Cell: 573-380-3994
Fax: 877-664-4352
Email: jgosa@conteches.com

Service Area: West Tennessee and North Mississippi

Dan Garey
Sales Engineer
Phone: 877-545-6506
Cell: 423-280-9397
Fax: 423-822-5127
Email: DGarey@conteches.com

Service Area: Northwest Georgia, Central Tennessee, NE Alabama

Joe Spain
Bridge Consultant
Franklin, TN 37064
Cell: 615-210-5550
Fax: 615-221-1171
Email: JSpain@conteches.com

Service Area: Tennessee

Zachary Stilp
Stormwater Consultant
Cell: 615-598-6189
Email: ZStilp@conteches.com

Service Area: Central and Eastern Tennessee

Mara Ryan
Stormwater Consultant
2201 W Royal Lane, Suite 260
Irving, TX 75063
Cell: 817-542-1362
Fax: 972-590-2039
Email: MKRyan@conteches.com

Service Area: North Texas, OK, AR, and W. TN

Peter Gallo
Area Manager - Armortec
Phone: 813-294-5913
Email: PGallo@conteches.com

Chris Pittman
Area Manager - Military
Phone: 770-409-0814
Email: CPittman@conteches.com

Justin Walton
Area Manager - DuroMaxx
Phone: 336-854-2177
Cell: 336-210-4667
Fax: 336-292-2251
Email: JWalton@conteches.com

Service Area: Northwest North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee

Don Herbert
Director, Rail Market
Cell: 203-314-5894
Email: DHerbert@conteches.com

Dennis Brever
Inside Truss Consultant
Phone: 320-852-5316
Email: DBrever@conteches.com

John Kanzlemar
Area Manager – DuroMaxx & PVC
Cell: 513-320-0268
Email: JKanzlemar@conteches.com

Rick Gaynor
Sales VP - Southeast Region
Phone: 513-645-7575
Email: RGaynor@conteches.com