Florida Local Resources

Rico Sadovnik
Sales Engineer
Phone: 513-645-7311
Cell: 407-383-5379
Email: RSadovnik@conteches.com

Jim Hough
Sales Engineer
1343 Main St., Suite 306
Sarasota, FL 34236
Phone: 941-366-2102
Cell: 941-356-0940
Fax: 941-366-1011
Email: JHough@conteches.com

Service Area: Southwest Florida

Juan Cabrera
Sales Engineer
7765 S.W. 75th Ave
Miami, FL 33143
Phone: 561-582-2558
Cell: 305-283-0750
Fax: 305-667-9612
Email: JCabrera@conteches.com

Service Area: South Florida

Tom Masterson
Sales Engineer
1031 DiGiorgio Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34982
Phone: 772-464-4400
Cell: 561-723-0056
Fax: 561-799-9655
Email: TMasterson@conteches.com

Service Area: Southeast Florida

Joe Allen
Bridge Consultant
8615 Commodity Cir Suite 5
Orlando, FL 32819
Cell: 321-377-0129
Email: JDAllen@conteches.com

Service Area: Central and North Florida

Tod Green
Bridge Consultant
1900 Crestwood Blvd, Suite 303
Birmingham, AL 35210
Cell: 205-306-3277
Email: TGreen@conteches.com

Service Area: Alabama, Florida Panhandle, Georgia

George Whalen
Bridge Consultant
8250 62nd Street North
Pinellas Park, FL 33781
Cell: 727-253-2839
Fax: 727-541-2371
Email: gwhalen@conteches.com

Service Area: West Coast and Southeast Florida

Chris Landt
Stormwater Consultant
Phone: 321-445-6832
Cell: 407-497-4155
Email: CLandt@conteches.com

Service Area: Florida excluding panhandle

Peter Gallo
Area Manager - Armortec
Phone: 813-294-5913
Email: PGallo@conteches.com

Chris Pittman
Area Manager - Military
Phone: 770-409-0814
Email: CPittman@conteches.com

Jeff Smallwood
Stormwater Southeast Area VP
Phone: 321-348-3522
Email: JSmallwood@conteches.com

Lee Hanson
Inside Truss Consultant
Phone: 513-645-7738
Email: LHanson@conteches.com

Don Herbert
Director, Rail Market
Cell: 203-314-5894
Email: DHerbert@conteches.com

Robert Morris
Region Engineer
8615 Commodity Cir Suite 5
Orlando, FL 32819
Cell: 404-391-7615
Email: RMorris@conteches.com

Rick Gaynor
Sales VP - Southeast Region
Phone: 513-645-7575
Email: RGaynor@conteches.com

John Kanzlemar
Area Manager – DuroMaxx & PVC
Cell: 513-320-0268
Email: JKanzlemar@conteches.com