Contech Testimonials

See what it's like to work at Contech from real Contech employees.

Everyone has the same common mission and that is to improve the business. In terms of support, particularly as a new employee, I have had a lot of help in my own department but other departments as well.

Tom Diskin

I really enjoy the culture here at Contech. Working with my team (I couldn’t be with a better group), as well as greeting my fellow co-workers with a smile every day has been a great experience. I also like the way the company serves and gives back by getting involved with the community. I’ve worked at other companies and overall, Contech has been the best working experience in my career!

Andrea Cook

In three words I would describe Contech as teamwork, hardworking and integrity.

Kimberly Tretick

People are so friendly here. Just so friendly. I never regret coming into work. In fact, I always look forward to coming into work.

Patti Hale

We all work hard, we are all working for the betterment of the company. And not only do we do a lot of things within the office, but outside activities as well whether it is volunteer efforts, Christmas parties or Halloween parties.

Matt Robbins

Contech’s interviewing and recruiting process went very smoothly. They provided me with more than enough information about the company, and helped accommodate my traveling.

Dan Gancher

The people I work with at Contech are the brightest in the industry.

Jarret Goddard