Keystone® Structural Products


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Keystone LogoFor over 25 years, Keystone Retaining Wall Systems has set the worldwide standard in soil retention, erosion control and landscape systems. By working with the finest network of manufacturers, product developers, engineers and sales professionals in the business; Keystone ensures that its products and services offer the best site solutions for any application.

Architects, engineers and contractors around the world rely on Keystone’s industry leading product performance and aesthetics to fulfill the unique requirements of their projects. The Keystone difference lies in its outer beauty and inner strength. Keystone’s interlocking fiberglass pin system ensures a positive connection from wall unit to wall unit, and between wall units and soil reinforcement. In addition, Keystone’s pin system aids in horizontal alignment, as well as providing for the ability to vary wall set-back.

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Keystone Standard The Keystone Standard is an American original and remains the industry leader. The Keystone Standard unit’s height-to-depth ratio delivers a structurally sound, engineered wall system with superior construction stability, durability, and strength. The product is the preferred choice for tall walls and critical structures.

Keystone® Compac

Keystone Compac Featuring unrivaled aesthetic options, cost saving versatility and proven wall performance; the Keystone Compac retains its position as the most specified unit on the market. An installer’s favorite, the Compac’s lighter weight and shorter tail design make it easy to handle.

Keystone 133Elite®

133 Elite The Keystone 133Elite is perfect for large wall applications. The 8”x24” face dimension creates a larger-scale appearance, aesthetically matching the larger wall look while reducing the number of units required to complete the job. From corners to sweeping curves, the Keystone 133Elite is able to satisfy a wide array of design requirements.

KeyGrid™ System

Keystone Standard The KeyGrid System has been developed, designed and tested to meet the highest standards of the transportation market. The System was evaluated by HITEC and found to be in accordance with the most current AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification and Federal Highway Administration design requirements for transportation applications. The system utilizes the Keystone Compac II unit and Miragrid® XT geogrids.

Keystone Century Wall®

Keystone Century Wall Designed specifically for medium to large wall loading conditions, Keystone Century Wall combines the distinctive look and character of a natural stone three-piece system with superior structural integrity. For projects where aesthetics are paramount; Keystone Century Wall allows you to build with confidence. In select markets, Half Century Wall (4”h) units are available to combine with the 8” version; to achieve an ashlar pattern wall design.