<p>KeySteel SQ FT MSE Wall Systems</p>

KeySteel SQ FT MSE Wall Systems

Strength, Set In Steel KeySteel SQ FT MSE Wall System is a high performance retaining wall system designed specifically for use with transportation and tall wall walls with high load applications. KeySteel has been used extensively for structures supporting railroads, multi-story buildings, bridge approach and abutments and mining applications.


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KeySteel SQ FT MSE Wall System combines Keystone modular concrete units and inextensible steel soil reinforcement to develop an extremely stable, aesthetically appealing and cost effective retaining wall system. Evaluated by HITEC (CERF report #40478) and found to be in accordance with the high standards of the AASHTO bridge specification manual, the Keystone KeySteel SQ FT Panel System combines the ease of construction of a segmental retaining wall system with the performance of a traditional large panel MSE retaining wall. 

Features and Benefits of the KeySteel Panel System:

Durable Components

  • Design life of 75 years for typical structures, and up to 100 years for critical structures.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Variety of color, texture and pattern options.

Design Flexibility

  • Easily accommodates curves, corners and unique geometries.

Cost-Effective Results

  • Comparable cost-effectiveness of SRW with the strength and reliability of MSE walls.

Handles the Most Demanding Projects

  • Wall deflections of KeySteel SQ FT walls are 3x less than geosynthetic reinforced walls.

Ideal Applications:

  • River & Flood Walls
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Rail Transportation
  • Roadway Support
  • Headwalls & Wingwalls
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